Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem,

cleave the skies with shouts of praise;

sing to him who found the ransom,

Ancient of eternal days,

God of God, the Word incarnate,

whom the heav'n of heav'n obeys.


Ere he raised the lofty mountains,

formed the seas or built the sky,

love eternal, free and boundless,

moved the Lord of Life to die,

fore-ordained the Prince of princes

for the throne of Calvary.


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altar 1)
in the niche behind it the window with Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd

look at the main entrance, the gallery and the rose window


The niche with the plaques 2)
for the soldiers who died in the First and Second World War or who are missing.

On the left side the former tabernacle.


Soli Deo Gloria
For Johann Sebastian Bach all music only had to praise God the Almighty.



The pulpit was built in 1720.

On its front you can see flowers and fruits carved in wood and painted in soft colours.



rose window on the southern side

western side window



upper part of the western window


By clicking on this picture
you see photos of the flock of the Bärbach shepherd


general view
subjects of the flowers and fruits
foot of the pulpit
ornament in the foot


1) In this church there is a curiosity which results from a renovation and extension in 1898. In opposite to all other Christian churches here the altar doens't stand in the east where the sun is rising but in the north where she is never to be seen. 
The altar itself was put up in 1965. It consists of "Hohensteiner Klinker" (red bricks). Immured in the altar you find a cassette with a document that comprises a charity appeal for the extension building which was completed in 1898: "Our poor parish has been longing since 100 years for a dignified place of worship instead of the ancient and musty church which cannot be used any longer in winter."

2) In this lateral recess in the east there was placed the altar of the old church.


Disposition of the today's organ (complete renovation of the old organ by the organ builder Günter Hardt in Möttau near Weilburg/Lahn in 1980. Only the case was preserved. Official opening on 12 th September 1980, 8.00 p.m.):
Registers of the m a n u a l : Principal 8', Gedackt 8', Octave 4', Rohrflöte 4', Nasart 3', Octave 2', Terz 13/5', Mixtur 3-4fold,11/3'

Registers of the p e d a l : Subbass 16' und Octavbass 8'. Besides there is a pedal coupler. Total number of the pipes:  612

The old organ of the year 1898 (year of the extension of the church bulding) had been built by the former firm Weigle in Echterdingen near Stuttgart.
In the manual she had the following registers: Prinzipal 8', Gedackt 8', Gamba 8', Salizional 8', Flöte 4', Cornettino 2f, Oktav 4', Oktav 2'. The today's pedal registers correspond to those at that time; the old pipes however were replaced by new ones.

And so it looked until the redecoration in the year 1965:

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